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Booking an Appointment

If you are new to Maple Ridge Physiotherapy & Pain Clinic and have not had an appointment at the clinic yet,

I encourage you to call (604) 467-8775 and our front desk can help you set up your first appointment! 

Maple Ridge Physiotherapy & Pain Clinic now offers bookings through JaneApp! 

Are you a returning patient? To be taken directly to our booking website and create a Jane account (or login into an existing one) click below:

What to Expect at your First Appointment


As a registered massage therapist, my goal is to create a foundation for a trusting therapeutic relationship with you, the patient.  At your appointment, you can expect a personalized treatment plan that will meet your individual needs.  

Each appointment can be broken into 3 parts:


  • The first part of your appointment will be spent doing an assessment and building a treatment plan using information from your health history, lifestyle, and current symptoms or concerns.  

  • The treatment portion of the appointment can include different techniques including general swedish techniques, passive range of motion, stretches and active modalities. Each treatment is unique to each patient's needs. 

  • In the last part of the appointment, your RMT will go over homecare which can include exercises, hydrotherapy, and modifying your day-to-day habits to help improve function and decrease pain.  

Appointment time includes going on/off the table. 

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